On this page all the links to information about the knee

Problems after knee surgery.  What problems can you encounter, what can you do about them. And what is more important, what is normal?

Arthrofibrosis, scar tissue in the knee joint could prevent flection and extension while causing excruciating pain. In stead of getting better, your knee is getting worse. More pain, less mobility. This can have all sorts of causes, and arthrofibrosis is one of them. Because Arthrofibrosis is difficult to cure, it is important to avoid it in the forst place, if possible. Here is how!

After a knee surgery people want to do sports, but what sports could they do and wich sports should they avoid? Moving is important, sporting has a lot of benefits. Chose one that fits you.

After a certain time you experienc still the same amount of pain. What’s happening? Maybe you would benefit by keeping a pain diary to explore the real reason of the non diminishing pain. Maybe the reason for this pain is a bit different than you would think at first!


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