You are provided with plenty information about disorders from a physiotherapeutical point of view. Where most sites provide rudimentary information, we present full information and complete background. So, if you are looking for background and tips, welcome!

About this site and about me

I am a Dutch trained physiotherapist with 38 years of experience. This site is an answer to questions I got from non-Dutch speaking people who could not fully understand my Dutch website, but still were searching for information about a lot of things.

This information does not replace medical advise and is strictly based on Dutch protocols and regulation. Please consult your own medical specialists for any diagnosis or medical advise.

Why so much information?

I once visited an old man who was bedridden after a  total hip replacement. Our first conversation was as follows:

He: My dear lady, you were sent by the general practioner, but you are not going to tell me what to do. I have never listened to anyone in my life and I am not going to start listening now. If I had listened to others and to our government, my company would have gone bankrupt at least 10 times.

I: But you read the newspapers, you do talk with others about your work? You keep up to date with the laws and rules?

He: Of course, I have myself informed and I decide what I do and not to do. I do not let anyone tell me what to do.

I: That seems like a good basis for a cooperation. I give the information you need and you decide what you do with it. Do you have questions at the moment, have difficulty with something?

He: Yes, is there an easier way to get out of bed?

It was indeed a fruitful collaboration. I brought in my expertise and he decided what to do with it. Someone like him had to be held back, rather than to be stimulated to move. Not by ordering or forbidding, but by providing arguments and transferring my knowledge.

The old saying goes:

Give a man a fish and he has something to eat for this day. Teach him to fish and he has something to eat for the rest of his life.

In my training and with 38 years of experience, I changed this into:

Give a man exercises and he does them for a week. Explain to someone why they should exercise and he does exactly what is needed!

And that is exactly why I am writing this website.

I hope to write about more subjects, so please come back now and then to take a look.

Hoping that you gain a lot of knowledge and enjoy this site, I wish you a lot of health! Oh yes, and responses are greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,